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I Found (yet) Another Group to Love: ASTRO (really someone needs to stop me!)
I just wanted to share the new group I found last night that I'm already in love with and they haven't even debuted yet! ASTRO! I was on DramaFever yesterday and after I finished the drama I was watching I decided to give 'To Be Continued' a try since it's been in my queue since it came out. Glad I did and I finished it in one night I couldn't stop watching! (plus the episodes are only 15 minutes long ^^) The web drama with Kim Sae Ron centers around the group (ASTRO) being sent back in time the night before their big debut and how they're able to get back. I really liked the drama and after I heard them sing in it.. ahh it was love and made me really curious about them. So now I'm sharing the love with everyone else! Please give them a chance and lots of love too!! I think they'll do really great once they do finally debut! I still haven't picked a bias yet but it's either Moon Bin or Jin Jin... or MJ lol! Moon Bin has the sweetest smile though...
The starter package to falling in love with ASTRO! 1 ~ Is from a showcase they did on the 24th, they cover BTS Boy In Love and GD & Taeyang Good Boy! 2 ~ Is from their youtube page. They cover BTS I Need U and act like goofs. Watch and fall in love! Jin Jin is holding the camera, SanHa has the hat on, Moon Bin in white sleeveless shirt, MJ in the black shirt. 3 ~ SanHa (left), Moon Bin (middle), and MJ (right) cover 2ne1 Lonely (swoon) 4 ~ One of the songs in the drama 'To Be Continued' that they sing, it's called Innocent Love and is amazing!
// MJ DOB: 1994.03.05 Height/Weight: 175cm/58kg Fun Facts: - Contestant of 2012 JYP Ent.x HUM Audition (won a one year scholarship from Seoul National University) - His favorite Marvel Character is Iron Man Navigation: Profile | Myungjun Tags | MJ Tags | Events //: Real Name Kim Myungjun //: Nickname tba //: Age 22 //: Role Oldest, Vocal, Dancer //: Speciality Lame jokes
// Jin Jin DOB: 1996.03.15 Height/Weight: 174cm/63kg Fun Facts: - According to Dongmin, the blonde member (Jinwoo) is the latest member to wake-up in the morning - ASTRO Team Leader Navigation: Profile | Jinwoo Tags | JinJin Tags | Events //: Real Name Park Jinwoo //: Nickname Angelic Smile //: Age 20 //: Role ASTRO Leader, Rapper, Dancer, Actor //: Speciality Drum
// Cha Eunwoo DOB: 1997.03.30 Height/Weight: 183cm/64kg Fun Facts: - He always wake-up earlier and start waking up the rest members afterward, he got nickname as Morning Alarm - Currently appointed as Shara Shara Make Up Brand Ambassador - Web Drama Team Leader Navigation: Profile | DongminTags | Cha Eunwoo Tags | Events //: Real Name Lee Dongmin //: Nickname Morning Alarm //: Age 19 //: Role Actor, Vocal, Dancer //: Speciality Swimming, Violin, Guitar, Piano, DJing
// Moon Bin DOB: 1998.01.26 Height/Weight: 180cm/64kg Fun Facts: - Previously known as Mini DBSK/TVXQ - Mini Yunho - His childhood best friend is Jung Chanwoo (now: iKON Chanwoo) and Kang Chanhee - Moonbin and Chanwoo shared the same date of birth, January 26, 1998 - Moonbin personal daum fancafe (lovemoonbin) has 6000 registered members Navigation: Profile | Moonbin Tags | Events //: Real Name Moon Bin //: Nickname Uknow Moonbin, Sleepy head //: Age 18 //: Role Dancer, Vocal, Rapper, Actor, Choreographer //: Speciality Piano, Acting
//Rocky DOB: 1999.02.25 Height/Weight: 176cm/63kg Fun Facts: - On July 14, 2011 Minhyuk auditioned for TVN Korea Got Talent - Minhyuk learned Taekwondo and he is now on Level 4 (Black Belt = Master) - On February 7, 2015 Minhyuk and Sanha revealed as big eater by Fantagio iTeen - Minhyuk has been nicknamed as Dancing Machine by Fantagio Staff Navigation: Profile | Minhyuk Tags | Rocky Tags | Events //: Real Name Park Minhyuk //: Nickname Chef Minhyuk //: Age 17 //: Role Rapper, Dancer, Actor, Choreographer //: Speciality Dance, Taekwondo
// Yoon Sanha DOB: 2000.03.21 Height/Weight: 181cm/60kg Fun Facts: - On February 7, 2015 Minhyuk and Sanha revealed as big eater by Fantagio iTeen - On February 7, 2015 Sanha revealed can play guitar by Fantagio iTeen. - Sanha has flexible body, he can fit in bag and cupboard Navigation: Profile | Sanha Tags | Events //: Real Name Yoon Sanha //: Nickname Beagle //: Age 16 //: Role Vocal, Dancer, Actor, Youngest, Choreographer //: Speciality Guitar, Flexibel Body **All ASTRO member profile info was sourced from '' an international fan blog with great info and pics about the boys and all their activities to date. All pictures were sourced from DramaFever and, videos sourced from youtube, credits to all the owners for their content, I own nothing!!
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@Lizzeh I'm glad you liked it! Let me know what you think of the drama!
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@KellyOConnor wow I grant to say definitely not Donnelly lol. But yeah I'll definitely let you know:) I always love getting into new groups and then I turn into a mess lol but I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks again I'm looking forward to watching it. 馃榿
2 years agoReply
I fell in love with them cuz of the drama too I can't wait for the to debut they are amazing I'm in love with them 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍 I support them all the way
2 years agoReply
@KellyOConnor omg I finished watching it and they're too adorable!! Like omg I can't wait for their debut now!! And why do Rocky gotta be so young?! 馃槱馃槴 lol
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