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In honor of Halloween
The world in over run by zombies. You can only choose 5 characters.. Who would you want on your team and why?
For me.. First off I would want Kakashi. He not only is strong but he also is big on teamwork and would leave anyone behind. I know in some cases you have no choice but to leave others behind but I feel like he would at least try.
Next would be Chopper. He not only is a Doctor but, also is familiar with the forest and different plants and such. He also values his friends as well.
L would be another choice due to his intelligence and being able to come up with a strategy fast. I was thinking of Lelouch but I feel like he would be quick to betray someone.
I would also probably choose Kamina next because I feel like he would be a good leader
Last would be Spike.. Not only is he a "Jack of all trades." but he has great luck! *Note Ein is automatically included because a dog is a good way to warn you for zombies plus he's intelligent :p
Now it's your turn.. GO!