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This time the best death goes to the number one savage granny in naruto LADY CHIYO
Some of you might be thinking this kid is off his rocker picking granny Chiyo for his first naruto death (spoiler alert: there will be more ohhhhhh😁😂) but this rambunctious old hag deserves this spot.
Naruto was able to draw emotions out of the spiteful old lady through his determination to save his friend and it was then that she as a character grew some depth and I got somewhat attached to her
She started as some grouchy old lady that I really couldn't have cared less for she hated the leaf tried to kill kakashi and didn't trust anybody else but when I saw her battle against sasori and in the 4th great ninja war I liked her more and more
She went beast mode on every opponent she went against she was a bad ass ally with her 10 legendary puppets and an even worse enemy cause she was undead
But she earned this spot because of her final moment and the touching words she passed on to Naruto and Sakura while she was reviving Gaara, the regret of her past and hope for a brighter future, if your eyes weren't a little bit sweaty from this scene (that was stupidly split into two episodes [I'm still bitter about that because it would have been so much better if it was all one episode, but I get it that they couldn't do it]) your heart must be made of ice
*claps with tears in eyes*
@mastertoad I feel like she gets so overlooked by people like nagato and itachi but hers was so sad and touching