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A little time consuming but fun... I saw how to do this on a TV show about Hollywood makeup
Start with bathroom latex smear it on thick randomly on how you want your wounds. Use the backside of a knife to cut gashes in it
paint in the cuts
cover with a little Foundation and start doing the eyes
fill in
and splash for finish
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Incredible job well done
2 years ago·Reply
thanks y'all... practice with it a little and see what works for you before the big day @onesmile
2 years ago·Reply
Oh, rad! I'll have to show you my zombie makeup sometime. It's super super similar, but I like the texture the thicker latex caulk makes. I feel like next time I do zombie makeup, I'll use both in combination depending on where I'm layering the wounds.
2 years ago·Reply
oh good... I look forward to seeing it
2 years ago·Reply