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Just coming up with theories for this but I'd like to know others thoughts on the matter. And there are revealing facts that some of you may not know yet that I'm about to speak of. So if you are not completely caught up I recommend you back out of this card. Ok so here we go!
We all should know by now that Sasuke left the village in order to gain strength from Orochimaru. My question is... do you think that Sasuke and Naruto would have gotten stronger than they are now had Sasuke stayed in the village and continued to train with Naruto? Or do you think that because of the drive they gained after the Final Valley they were able to become stronger because of it?
No if sasuke hadent left then naruto and him would both be weaker. Susuke left to become stronger to beat his brother while naruto on the other hand trained to beat sasuke and the akatsuki
ok ive thought of your question and I am lead to believe that sasuke would have been stronger if he had stayed in the village because he no longer is able to use techiques of sage nor curse which is all oruchimaru taught him after he faught itachi. all those years went to waste and he fell behind naruto because of this fact. until he had speed training with obito to learn more of the uchiha power rather than a filthy white snaky sage. if he wouldve stayed in the village he could have discovered and unlocked more power that would have been more useful which in turn wouldve made naruto more powerful on him attempting to keep up keeping him on the same path as usual with different reasons. sasuke would then have gotten the eternal faster leading to maybe even double rinne instead of just the one eye. sorry for bad punctuation and the long post. this was all on my knowledge but id be glad to do research if youd like :) hope this was helpful :)