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cutte panda
im not the type to comment on something with negativity but when i see a photo i took and you claiming it for yourself with giving me credit is not right...so it would be greatly appreciated if you remove the picture in the first set of photos of him at the concert in vegas with a hat on thank you
number 9 to be exact!!!!!! thank you
@脌viaTaylor I'm so sorry for what I did if it makes you happy I took out the pic you wanted out 馃槩馃槩
@michellefuentes thank you....but just for future reference so you wont go through this again if you find a photo that looks like its been personally taken just try and find a way to give that person credit ...since they did go through the trouble themselves of taking the photo....so no hard feelings my dear just give me credit next time if you happen to use one of my photos thats all i ask!!