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BTS holds a special 'Halloween Party with BTS' via 'V' where they shared an intimate Q&A session with ARMYs in addition to performing their latest promotional tracks in full costume.
During the Q&A session titled, 'Bangtan, We Want to Know,' the fans asked 'Naruto' SUGA, "What kind of ghost are you most scared of?" to which the rapper replied hesitantly, "I'm not scared of ghosts, but I am the most scared of..." When the members asked, "Is it a person?" to which SUGA continued jokingly, "It's my father. He is scarier than any ghosts." Meanwhile, you can check out more of BTS in their adorable Halloween costumes on Naver 'V'!
hahaha that funny. Thank you for sharing this
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I love how all of them are sitting wide legged, even the princess. yet Suga is sitting so reserved
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