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Suga slept with me because I fed him cake

Mumbling out a string of curses and racing around to finish getting ready, you sent a quick text to your boyfriend. You were running late, it was raining outside and you still had to pick up the cake. The old red umbrella that you'd bought forever ago, rattled against the stand when you yanked it away and raced out the door. Fat rain drops fell and pounded against the umbrella. The curtain of rain that covered this part of the city keep the foot traffic to almost nothing. You walked by one couple and a few people making their way home or to evening activities, passing smiles to those who made eye contact with you. The little cake shop where Jin was nice enough to order a cake for you sat at the midway point of your place and the boys dorms. It was a cute little place where you got cupcakes on occasion. Maybe more than occasion, more like once or twice a week but you weren't going to admit that to anyway. "Afternoon Y/N." You gave the older woman a greeting ",Here to pick up some more cupcakes?" She gave you a knowing grin. "Not today, I'm actually here to pick up a cake. It's probably under the name Kim Seok Jin." "Ah! Such a sweet boy." In fifteen minutes you were back out on the street, umbrella in one hand and cake box in the other. Yoongi had sent a text a while ago, only checking it once you were waiting. He was completely fine with you running behind because he did it all the time. The rain had let up a little, falling in a patter on the city. The dorm building was just around the corner and you fastened your pace, wanting to hurry. A few cars buzzed by, night setting in and this part of town dying out. "Yoongi?" You pushed the dorms front door open, pulling your key from the lock. The apartment was quiet but the further you stepped in, the glow from another room caught your attention.
"A pinic in the bedroom?" You bit your lip, trying to hold in the little laugh that threatened to escape. "In case the boys come back early, they can have the rest of the dorm." Yoongi grinned moving towards you and tugging you into the room. "And what if Jin wants to sleep?" "He's staying at his girlfriend's place tonight." You caught the mischievous little glit in his eye but took a seat next to the set up. "Stop complaining and let me a little romantic." "Romantic my ass." You whispered "What was that? You don't think I, Min YoonGi the genius, am romantic." He scoffed as if truly offended. "Please don't ever do that again." A chuckle found its way from you and suddenly you were pinned with a hug. "Say Min YoonGi is a genius." He squeezed you just the slightest. "Min YoonGi is a genius. Happy?" You raised an eyebrow at him, unfazed by his banter. "Now say you love me." "I love my wonderful boyfriend Min YoonGi but if he doesn't let go of me, he gets no cake." His arms were instantly gone. "No cake?" You snorted at the look of utter disgust on his face at the thought of no cake. Dinner proceeded after that, small talk about work and daily life. He loved hearing about the little things in your day, even if something went wrong. It made him feel normal for a minute and you knew that, never holding back even when to rant how your professor was being an ass. You joked about little things, passing mindless touches here and there. "Give me cake?" You called him a baby when he laid his head on your lap but fed him small bites of the wonderful treat his bandmate ordered for you anyway. Yoongi smiled, eyes half closed and hummed after every bite. He could be the laziest person in the planet sometimes but others, he was the most dedicated human being. He was romantic sometimes, forgetful and even scary when he did aegyo but he was all yours. "Y/N?" Yoongi spoke your name softly, oulling your attention to look down at him again. He leaned up, capturing your lips for a single moment before pulling away. His head rested back on your lap, his eyes watching you as you smiled. You loved times like this, when neither of you spoke but the silence said so much. "Let's go to bed."
Oh my geezus Give it to me straight, how was it?
@Ilikepancakes I guess you liked it then XD
My heart... my heart! I can't ❤
Just horrible! How can you leave someone hanging like that? I say more lol XD we need more what happens next?
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