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I would love to see these two groups come together for a collaboration!
I mean when they are together they do silly things! They both are amazing groups!
And to have Zico and rap monster together will just be amazing. And you know their song would go hard, and the video would be strangely cool! Kookie and ukwon could do their cool dance they did at the awards! You know p.o and v would do something extremely silly! I think it would just be amazing all around! So can this happen?? Like please?!?!?!
Add VIXX and now the chaos had doubled whatever those 3 groups already had alone
it would probably be one of the best shows in the entire world....js
It should really happen. I love to see both group members together!! It will be a amazing sight to see!!💖💖
But imagine BTS trying to perform with their BIGBANG sunbae-nims.
OMO I thought the exact same thing
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