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Luna precious legs.
Ever since I started getting into kpop and noticed fx Luna has been my goddess.
These beauties have kept me going! Through thick and thin I have adored these amazing legs! and her of course! ^.^
But now...as Luna gets older she probably wants to look pretty to koreans. I know a lot of koreans views smaller petite legs as pretty I personally disagree. These legs I always found pretty. So this is a tribute to what I think was the greatest thing in kpop. Uh well tho! ^.^ Luna is still amazing without her muscular legs! I'll always support you luna! I love you!
It is seriously a shame that a woman can't be too muscular or she becomes ugly. And I mean like her, her legs are not outrageously muscular and the rest of her is still pretty petite. The only problem with muscle is for the person with it because it's hard to by pants!
she is perfectly fine her legs are gorgeous and shes gorgeous . i just hate how if a women has any sort of muscle or a little extra meat on there bones they are ugly . there is nothing ugly about this women
Her legs look awesome. it's a shame that Koreans only like weak chicken legs girls.
and Hwa sa too