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left to right : GyeoUl, Ace, St. Van, Jacob, Xiao, and BaRon
I had an amazing time! the guys are so nice and cute... st. van grabbed my hand ! ( I told this a million times) but my favorite is jacob so I screamed at him and he grabbed my hand too I waited outside and I called at him again and he smiled at me lol =) I can't wait to put the videos up!
st.van caught my attention
in the crowd favorite was xiaou but yeah after seeing their personalities I like jacob.. xiaou and ace are the goofy ones baron is cool and st.van and jacob are the serious dark type..
i dunno who to pick! they're all so cute! St. Van? Xiao? @electica omg that sounds amazing!!!
I still don't have a fav, but I like!!!!! 😍😍
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