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This series is where I pick two fictional characters from anything, list off their feats and abilities then, decide on who I think would win based off of the facts.
Combatant one: Predator Elite warrior/hunter. Masters at melee and ranged weapons. Infrared vision. Arsenal includes: Plasma Caster (laser cannon), wrist gauntlets, Combi-staff (retractable spearblade), smartdisk, and nets that cut through the foe. Blades shown to cut through steel doors and tank armor. Beyond human intelligence. Chameleon powered suits (not fully invisible) Super strength shown to rip out spines and rip off heads or crumble thick metal security doors with bare hands. Super speed capable of dodging bullets. Durability capable of tanking shot gun bullets and continuing to fight (medically treated himself afterwards) also shown to take 3-4 hellfire missiles with minor injuries. Shown to be very stealthy.
Combatant two: Jason Super strength capable of crushing a mans skull with bare hands, barged through a reinforced wooden door and punches a head clean off. Supernatural powers such as summoning a demonic spirit, teleportation, and immortality. Shown to use any type of weapon except firearms and prefers a machete.
WINNER: Predator Yes Jason is immortal but, there's not much he can do against Predator. Predator has the speed, skill, and the arsenal advantage, not only that but, Predator is just as strong as Jason if not stronger. Jason is also shown to have trouble with Freddy because of his speed. Predator's stealth and chameleon abilities with his infrared vision is to much for Jason to handle, even if he summons a spirit. His Plasma Caster is also too much for this fight to even be fair.
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Haha I totally agree with this :D