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Stranger Than Fiction Murder Mystery solved.
I don't want to tell you what is so strange about this murder because i dont want to ruin it for you. But this is one of those stories that is just too weird. There should be a movie about this. After reading this, you may want to check your house more often to make sure there are no unwanted guests. Click the link to read the story and prepare to be shocked.
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I could also watch all those creepy discovery challenge shows all day! haha I watched one called “Mysteries of the World” when I was a kid. it was about bigfoot and crop circles, but it gave me nightmares for weeks! haha @MelissaMae
I love reading these types of stories. I just wish I hadn't read it in the middle of the night. 😳 That's incredibly creepy. I'm glad I have my dogs. They go nuts when the wind blows the wrong way. So disturbing.
Oh man that's the good part of having pets. After reading this I wish I got a dog too... @ButterflyBlu!