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Happy Halloween From Jin and Me!!!
Just wanted to wish you all a happy and spooky Halloween!!! I had a great day and I hope you did too. Make sure to check out these spooky cards that'll really get you in that mood.


Have u seen their costumes this year?? If not check out the livestream here!!! GIFs from @KaceyDodge card >here<


We all know how creepy or weird some Kpop MVs can get *cough* Big Bang *cough*...lol Check out @kpopandkimchi card >here< to find out some of the creepiest MVs out there!!!

SM Town Halloween Party

One of the best ones they've had so far in my opinion!! Wanna know why? Check out @KellyOConner >card< to find out XD

Hope you all had a great Halloween!!!

QOTD: How did you spend your Halloween??

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I spent my Halloween watching running man, happy together, and kpop moments with my little sister. Oh yeah and parts of Coraline since my medicine would put me to sleep (Had a surgery yesterday for a tooth extraction).
@MichelleIbarra hope you feel better ❤❤ @SHINee808 I remember!! And V was a vampire just like rapmon last year @AnnahiZaragoza I remember the movie Coraline!!!