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I tried, oh well I'll know for next time
I like it
I actually like it...
@DavidStone theres a lotta typos in that, auto correct sucks lol xp
but a fine point Sharpe cool potentially look nice for outlining n such though ive seen a video of someone do something similar to an old first addition game boy case, using nothing but Sharpes to make it pokemon themed with a charizard on it, and the end result was actually pretty sweet and the image during, colorize, reminded me of what you have now, before outlining it and adding the fine details n such do what you do though in the end, tis your project, his figured i might give some helpful hints, should you choose to finish it n whatnot lol
why is this a fail? lol just needs to be filled in more n outlined n such haha keep going it's a nice concept :p
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