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Gosh they are so cute especially Morinaga!!! So I guess people are out right now for Halloween and having fun, but I passed mine away eating pizza and watching yaoi....whoops. Well hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!!
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Thats true. I'm going to hang out with some of my friends tomorrow and watch naruto.
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You aren't alone! I didn't go out since my kids a bit too old for that business now. We just sat at home and chilled watching Space Dandy anime. [Can't really bust out the Yaoi in that situation, but I would have! xD] @sasunaru68 These two are cute, but man I'd take Souichi's brother's man Mitsugu Kurokawa. :3 lol
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@DianeWest yes!!!! you can never ever go wrong with Naruto!!!! @Danse omg I totally freaking agreed to like the max!!! That man...woooooo!!!!!!
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I am literally reading this right now. like..... whoa. lol! I actually really like this series. is it an anime?
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@AshelyJewell yes!!! it's a anime it's only two episodes though! :'(
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