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So, for this Halloween, I dressed up as the Joker.


1. the Joker is a big part of mah life 2. Tae was the Joker last Halloween
So XD just ignore my weird facial expressions. I was trying to look serious and evil, but I failed...and eventually flailed.
Tae just looked sooooo amazing and cute in his Joker outfit, and I wanted to be his twin and be like a Joker girl... thingy...
I even made a collage about this XD someone ... just kill meh now I'm too weird ^°^

~Does anyone like my costume?~

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@jojojordy2324 lol a lot of people are being Joker this year, and most because of Tae. XD and thanks
@4dalientae he is a great inspiration!
U look cool, I went as Minnie Mouse bc I forgot it was Halloween so I just looked through my closet
XD that's awesome. I admire u for that @christianliu