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Okay I'm finally free! I was challenged by @LAVONYORK and @shantalcamara to do this challenge. I'm not clear on all the questions, but I will try my best amigos! I will tag a few. But better late than never!

Let's Go!

Costume that would fit me

I think anything tiger like would suit me. I love tigers and this is my spirit animal. Of a needed to sum up my personality up the image of a tiger would be enough. However, it would be a fashionable tiger since I love fashion.

Favorite Candy

My favorite candy to get is gum or anything with gum in it!

Halloween Jam

EXO....Wolf This will always be my jam! Plus a wolf is also my other spirit animal. So thi as song is fitting. I love the beat, lyrics, and random howling lol.

Imma add this bouns....Halloween video

Xia Junsu.... Flower This video is creepy as hell yet artistic. Check out the video if you haven't!

How I feel about horror movies

They are not my cup of tea since they are alway predictable. I'm never amused.... @JohnEvans @shannonl5 @NSSagasshi @xxxtina @Tigerlily84 @VIPforever123 @kpopandkimchi @KpopGaby
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I love this! Haha I gotta get it together and make one too
Oh dang, I don't think I would've pegged 'Wolf' as a Halloween song, but that totally works.
@danidee have u seen the lyrics? besides it all about being a wolf...eerie howling in the background. but everyone has a different view on Halloween
LMAO YES I HAVE. I remember I was watching a concert on TV where they were showing the english lyrics and i was like LOL WAIT WHAT. They're so creepy. O_O