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"한국말 할수있어요." -polite han-guk-mal hal-su-e-ssuh-yo "난 한국말 할수있어." -informal nan- han-guk-mal hal-su-e-ssuh
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@MadAndrea Haha. Just practice a lot and you'll be fluent in Korean :) Good Luck
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Okay I don't understand informal what is the difference ???? Want to know how do you pronounce or say happy to know you and which way is the bus or train ???
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Oh and thank you
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@Rita77892141 Formal is the same as polite. You usually say these to people who are older, respected, or someone you don't really know. Informal is more of a comfortable or casual way of talking. You usually say this to similar age friends and your family.
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@ bobabubbleee oh I see polite but that's a given to all people friends or not well in my background it's like that . Respect to everyone
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