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Kpop Challange 24-30
24 - Kpop song I never get tired of
I jam out to this song a lot....while driving too. I've seen people give me weird stares but I don't really care :)
25 - Best kpop for dancing to
Block B in general gets me in the mood for dancing ^^
26 - Favorite hairstyle on kpop guy biases
(high key, I want blonde Woozi back ;~; )
27 - Favorite hairstyle on kpop girl biases
28 - Favorite kpop bromances
29 - kpop artist you look up to
His passion towards music leaves me in awe. Even with all the success with Big Bang, soloist, and all the other activities he does, he still says that he has not reached the top, that he still has to improve, and his songs become better than before. He loves his career, and hope I can say the same in the future :)
30 - kpop idol with the best smile
yes I choose all of BTS. No there is nothing wrong with choosing them all :)
and that is it for the 30 day kpop challenge.....never doing these when I have school again.
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