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when you have a problem having pictures of your favorite group on your phone.๐Ÿ˜…

i always have pictures to tae,bts or other groups on my phone. so when when people ask to use my phone or see what im looking.i say why do you want use it or why do you to want to know but most of the time i let them use it and they see my wallpaper or i show them my pictures or mvs because that's what i am mostly looking at .
sorry if it's too long,it's the first card i made. maybe you can leave some tips or comments to make it better and shorter, so in the future i can make them even better. โค
nah your card's just fine! love the pics! I have a bunch too so I'm just like what's wrong with your phone?
LOL I have a lot of photos of my baes too XD But usually if someone would ask for my phone I do this ---> It's okay Hwaiting , I think you did good for your first card XD <3
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