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Hello! I'm Your New Anime Community Supporter, hikaymm!

Hi everyone! We may have talked before, or maybe we haven't, but I just wanted to post this card to say hello!
On Friday, I talked with @poojas about what being a community supporter means and joined the Anime Community Support team, yay! If you don't already know, @poojas is our lovely moderator, @RosePark is our Vingle Vampire, and @VinMcCarthy is our Cursed Seal.

You might be wondering: but hikaymm, what does that make you!? Well my friends....that makes me....

I'm The Kirara Queen!!!

And when I say Kirara, I'm referring to the kirara that you'll see in AKB0048!! These kirara glow with the girl's aura's, and I think that's really sweet so I'm just going with it. You might already know this about me, but I love magical girls and idol anime, so I think this title suits me, no?

Anyways, hi again!!

I'm really excited to help make this community a super fun place to be, so I hope you all are excited, too!! I have some fun challenges planned (like the Halloween one I was going recently), so I hope you'll all join me.

Let's make this place shine together, okay?

Keep following your hearts <3
And if you ever have any questions or problems, please feel free to come to me, @VinMcCarthy, @RosePark or @poojas!!! <3
@VinMcCarthy thanks!! @MaighdlinS yes it isssss heheheh!! @MaxShibuya14 what, no hi for me? :P
very exciting!
hey vin
Welcome to the team! XD
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