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Seriously, who hasn't fallen for TWICE yet?! I don't know how you're resisting their charms!!! They're quickly becoming my favorite girl group, and watching these live performances is just cementing how much I love them!!!


THIS SONG IS EVERYTHING. I often get tired of listening to girl group songs pretty fast, but this one is something I have been jamming to on repeat since it came out, and it still hasnt' gotten old! It's so fun to watch them perform live, too. They have such great energy -- and they're just as beautiful as in photos!

This is another one of their songs :)

They're kind of flawless, fi you ask me, and I love the style of stage outfits they're wearing these days as well!!!

Which song & member are your favorites?!

Tagging my TWICE friends and those who have posted about them!! ^^ Let's show them some love together, okay?
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I can't pick a bias!!!! Whenever I think I'm picking one someone else swoops in!
There is something about the way Sana says "baby" that catches my heart each time i here Like Ooh Ahh.
J-Trinity ( Momo, Sana, Mina ) have to be my top three if we're being honest bUT I cannot say one is better than the other AT ALL. All 9 members are gorgeous with their own personality and it makes me so happy to finally be REALLY into a girl group.
Man a bias is like impossible hahahaha :D This group is so great!
@Meeshell omg I so agree they are literally all so wonderful! I just watched their ASC episode hoping to come away with a bias... Yeah. It didn't work.