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Seriously, who hasn't fallen for TWICE yet?! I don't know how you're resisting their charms!!! They're quickly becoming my favorite girl group, and watching these live performances is just cementing how much I love them!!!


THIS SONG IS EVERYTHING. I often get tired of listening to girl group songs pretty fast, but this one is something I have been jamming to on repeat since it came out, and it still hasnt' gotten old! It's so fun to watch them perform live, too. They have such great energy -- and they're just as beautiful as in photos!

This is another one of their songs :)

They're kind of flawless, fi you ask me, and I love the style of stage outfits they're wearing these days as well!!!

Which song & member are your favorites?!

Tagging my TWICE friends and those who have posted about them!! ^^ Let's show them some love together, okay?
@Meeshell omg I so agree they are literally all so wonderful! I just watched their ASC episode hoping to come away with a bias... Yeah. It didn't work.
J-Trinity ( Momo, Sana, Mina ) have to be my top three if we're being honest bUT I cannot say one is better than the other AT ALL. All 9 members are gorgeous with their own personality and it makes me so happy to finally be REALLY into a girl group.
There is something about the way Sana says "baby" that catches my heart each time i here Like Ooh Ahh.
Um Dahyun, Sana, Jihyo, Jeonyeon, and Chaeyoung. My favorite songs are Like Ooh Aah and Do It Again
Oh, and as you can see my favorite is Dahyun ♥♥♥
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