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Seventeen on a Tiny Stage in the [Fancam Feed]
We all know that I've sort of fallen for Seventeen, and I'm totally okay with that! So, I'm featuring another one of their performance because I could watch them all day. Alllll day. So, join me!!

Manse @ Asia Dream Concert (151031)

Adore U @ Asia Dream Festival (151031)


HOW they are all fitting on that teeny tiny stage is beyond me BUT YOU GO SEVENTEEN!!! GOOD JOB!!! They're just so fun to watch, so talented, and so cute. Who DOESN'T love them?!
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@StephanieDuong ANYTIME!! <3
2 years ago·Reply
Dont' miss this either guys ^^ @tayunnie @baileykayleen
2 years ago·Reply
@byeolbit THANKS FOR TAGGING ME XD Idk it's just like seventeen is friken adorable but when they do those faces in mansae it's like damnnnnnn so hawt
2 years ago·Reply
Much amaze much amaze I'm such seventeen trash #noregret
2 years ago·Reply
Love them so much>_<
2 years ago·Reply