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I watched f(x)'s MV, but I haven't actually watched any of their live stages yet, so I thought it was a perfect time to add some f(x) to the fancam feed!

Here's them doing 4walls!

Vid from 151031. I really like this dance, but it for some reason reminds me of the Japanese group Perfume! Something about the movements just give me that feel ^^ Amber is awesome, as always! They've always been so synchronized, especially in this song. And dang!! Victoria!!!!
As the song has really soft vocals and rather fast beats, I felt that the voguing-like dance moves contributed to the whole performance even more!!!


Where's all my f(x) fans?! Do you like the stages?

Tagging a few ppl I've seen post about them recently ^^ sorry ><
I am so obsessed with their stage outfits its not even funny
OMG. you saw my post xD I didn't think anyone did. I really loved the dance like it's on point and it's perfect
Me me me! I love f(x)!!! I love everything about 4 Walls, and i really enjoyed their stages too. You should listen to the entire album! It's flawless.
I haven't seen the stage performances yet so thanks for this and *whispering* have you seen my post on Perfume and how I talked about their perfect hand dancing *end whispering* lol but your right this totally like Perfume
oh my gosh people see my posts. Its a miracle. I'm not joking, it's like no one even bothers to read my posts, so thank you. Im loving all the stages, although the first stage for 4 Walls, their outfits were weird and clashed with the background. I'm an artist so the colors bugged me. But dance and sound wise I'm loving it. and diamond is even catchier than 4 Walls, and it's one of my favorites from the album.
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