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VIXX does "Error" Kpop World Festival in Changwon [Fancam Feed]

Error is probably one of my favorite dances & performances of all time, and this performance is no different!

I don't know why Ken wasn't at this performance (so it looks a little weird with just 5 people instead of 6), but it's still really fun to watch! These are some of my favorite outfits of VIXX, and I like that the fan's chanting gets picked up just enough to kind of feel like your'e there too, you know?

Is anybody else a huge Error fan?

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excuse me for a second....HAKYEONHAKYEONHAKYEON
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I noticed the dance looked a bit different & then I was like OMG KEN! WHERE ARE YOU AT!? STOP I NEED KEN! KEEEEENNNNNN! WHY!! STOP PLAYING HIDE N SEEK! COME BACK TO US!
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