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TWICE says "Like OOH-AAH" in the [Practice Room]

Have you fallen for TWICE yet?

if not, be careful watching this video! I never watched Sixteen, but as soon as their song came out, I was so addicted! I got to know the girls, and now I can't even pick a bias (though i'm pretty sure it's momo).
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Here's the practice video for Like OOH-AAH!

And these are my favorite bits about it:
- you can learn their names if you can read Korean with this video!
- Jihyo during the 'Ohh Ahh' choreo parts in the chorus!!!
- Sana always kills me at 1:43
- I don't know how they're all so pretty?
- This dance is different from the MV because it's for the rotational parts as opposed to the mV, so Tzuyu does the solo dance break here. I wish it were still Momo lol, I love her hair flip!!

I've never stanned a girl group as hard as I stan TWICE!!!

What are your favorite moments of the dance?
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I loved this practice vid! Love name tag vids especially on a group I'm still learning. Momo has such a presence it's hard not to just stare at her, but Jihyo and Dahyun and Nayeon and everyone... I'm smitten lol.
I missed Momo's hair flip too hehe but Tzuyu kills it! I totally feel you man, I love love love love love this group so much already!! Obsessed forever. *patiently awaiting iTunes availability* 😁😁😁😁😁😁