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It's confession time again! I feel like I"m always confessing stuff to you all hahaha, but here we go again...

I've never watched anything of iKON's!!!

So, this will be another first for me. Whoops? Here we go!!

Let me just say this: these boys can all dance!

LIke really, really will. I'm constantly impressed by the level of dance skill you can find in kpop, but these guys look like they're just casually flawless--not perfectly choreographed & practiced to perfection. Obviously they are, but there's something about their movements that feels more natural than many groups, especially for a group so young!
I don't know them at all, but I can get behind their dancing! The song wasn't exactly my taste, but it was pretty good, too!

So...who's gonna teach me about iKON?

@ChelseaJay hahahaha ah yeah that's cute! I hadn't noticed at first :)
They can definitely dance. But I love this practice so much, especially when Junhoe trails off to the mirrors then has to rush back to his spot.