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Since I decided to enjoy my first Monsta X practice video (or video, ever...) last week, I thought it'd be fun to watch their Halloween practice video for The Practice Room today!

Here we go :)

Monsta X does HERO for Halloween!

- the beginning editing and color editing for this were both really cool!
- I keep laughing everytime anyone throws their cape back out of the way lol
- they should honestly wear these vampire costumes for every performance, I'm a fan
- look at that smug smile hyungwon has on his face when he pretends to lift his shirt @2:50 lol I'm pretty sure he stepped on his cape on purpose to be a tease
- this strangely made me miss Boyfriend? Come on Starship, bring them back too!!!
- I still need to learn their names! The only ones i know for sure are wonho and hyungwon lol
- can someone tell me how tall they are???
I love MonstaX!
@byeolbit Oh Gosh I.M and WonHo be staying dreamy to me!! Like slay me please and thank you
This is my favorite one from them!
@AimeeH they're kinda cute these days lol ^^
@AnnahiZaragoza hahha well!! he certainly looks the tallest hahah
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