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I wouldn't call myself SISTAR's biggest fan, but I am a huge fan of their songs! I find myself singing along to them while cleaning my house, and their dances have been some of my favorites to learn (have I mentioned that I loooooove dancing?)

Anyways, let's look at the dance practice video for Shake It for today's practice room!

Shake It!

I find it so hard to look away from them while watching! They're just all so pretty, so good at dancing, and they look like they're having a really good time, no?
Their legs are crazy. Their heels are crazy. They're crazy amazing!!!

Keep shaking it SISTAR! If I could ever do this dance in crazy heels like them, I'd be so happy!

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I find it hilarious that the backup dancers all have very thick heels, and Sistar are all dancing on needle points in comparison...this dance is really fun, and they do an amazing job!!!