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While scrolling through practice videos, I saw that this new Topp Dogg practice video was released recently, and quickly realized that Topp Dogg is another group I've never watched a dance performance from!!! So here we go XD

"The Beat" Halloween Edition Reactions!

- This song is sick! I hadn't actually really heard it before? There's some weird background sound effects I'm not a huge fan of but overall a pretty cool look.
- LOL at the zombie ness of it all - they did a good job with the makeup and the closeups to make it kinda ~creepy~
- One of the dudes (Xero? maybe) reminds me Kai lol
- they are all like....deadly gorgeous here. How did I not know they were gorgeous?
- Hansol is actually SCARY.
- Real question: how do they get their hair to stay up?!
- Woah! One of them has tattoos?! Clearly, I still have a lot to learn here ^-^

What did you guys think of this Halloween version?

Tagging some ToppDogg fans I've seen around ^-^
YASSS I adore groups that get into the Halloween spirit! BTS will always be my fav though ;D
love it! :)
hottest zombies I've seen in a while
it was beautiful. I loved it! Especially how Sangdo got all into it
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