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So, just like every single year, I decided on my halloween costume like 6 hours before I went out. I found this amazing piano-styled tie, and since I am a pianist I thought I could go as a pianist. But it wouldn't be Halloween if I wasn't dead, so a dead pianist (named Ezra) I was. Thank good, my roommate is really into make-up, to mange this look. And since in Slovenia, we are not that crazy about Halloween, and in the club I went to, there was only like third of the people dressed up.
But because of that, I can say I really stood out. Photographers were after me and my roommate constantly. So there is quite a lot of photos of us on their Facebook page today haha. But it was an amazing night. Now I want to know, what were you dressed up in for Halloween yesterday? Maybe consider posting some photos and tagging me? @allischaaff @marshalledgar @alywoah @LauraFisher @TerrecaRiley @nicolejb @shannonl5 @LizArnone @danidee @skee292 @onesmile @JPBenedetto
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you play the piano?!! me too :) though I am not as good as your halloween costume ;)
2 years ago·Reply
@shannonl5 thanks. post it. post it post it. haha :)
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb yeah, I play piano. I'm sure you are plenty good :)
2 years ago·Reply
Well I’m glad your costume didn’t turn out flat ;) @rodiziketan
2 years ago·Reply
haha, good one @nicolejb
2 years ago·Reply