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Hello Vinglers!

Hope you enjoyed Halloween! But now that it's over let's get some time to relax and get those fears away (or hangover for us grown ups).

Let's Go!

Krone by Hiroyuki Sawano (Guilty Crown OST)

Most people probably have no idea who Hiroyuki is. He's one of the best OST composers out there in anime! He made OST's for "Guilty Crown" and "Attack On Titans" (Didn't see that one coming did you?). It's not only soothing and beautiful but it's also epic somehow. For those who watched GC know how sad this song makes you cry. I'm getting the feels while I make this card.
Bios by Hiroyuki Sawano ft. Mika Kobayashi (Guilty Crown OST)
This is the actual song which is still an amazing song. Instead of the soothing feeling that "Krone" gives, this has a more emotional and epic with the J-Rock and Mika's incredible voice. Also, did I mention Hiroyuki loves to write his songs in German? I mean even AoT OST's are in German which I think it's awesome!

Did you know Hiroyuki before this card or were you surprised to find out who this man is?

Let's give credit here to Hiroyuki who's basically a God when composing anime OST.
Close your eyes and listen!~

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@littlemaryk lol My brain already knows what to do xD @MaighdlinS Awesome! It's great, definitely check it out~ If you liked Kronos, you'll love most, if not all, OST from Guilty Crown.
ahhhh these were perfect! Totally my kind of music and definitely makes me want to watch this! Kronos especially set the mood for me today! lol
I haven't watched this yet but this song really drew me in, it's so beautiful!
it's so beautiful ^.^ I feel like the music just wraps me up and leaves me warm and toasty
Considering how forgetful I am I can't be, it's all good. Actually you ended up unconsciously reminding me anyway o.o skillz
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