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As the endorsement model for the Toyota Camry in the U.S, Lee Min Ho flew in on Saturday to meet his fans for a special day on Sunday, March 10, 2013, at the Legendary Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. As a way to thank consumers and fans, Toyota held a fan meet that showcased the cars features as well as had Lee Min Ho as a special guest. That said, it wasn’t like his other fan meets in Asia. Unfortunately that meant that he didn’t perform any songs or interacted in games with the audience. However, he did come on stage to greet the fans, answer some questions and towards the end, picked 20 lucky winners from a raffle box who got to come upstage, shake hands with (sometimes hug), and get a free signed poster from the actor! Before all of this, I arrived at 2:30pm and there was a line that extended almost all the way from the front of the building to the end of the block! Fans were patiently waiting, even the ones that arrived as early as 10am or sooner! Doors opened at 3pm and as fans got inside the venue, they were led to participate in the NIF Mission. This involved collecting mission stickers by participating in at least three of the four or five events there. This involved the photo kiosk in the main Bronze room, QR code outside that were plastered on two Toyota Camry cars, photo booth set up next to that and a ride & drive chance for fans to test out the Toyota Camry around the block. All of this went on until 4:30pm when fans were finally allowed to go in. As fans were led to a different room, media were allowed to set up for the press interview that was to begin at 5pm. It wasn’t until around 20 minutes later or so that it started. The time was brief, but he answered quiet a range of different questions, two stated below: From Little Saigon Q: Can you share a few words on your upcoming projects on your acting career? A: Well first of all I think I will be meeting my fans first through either a drama or a film within this year as well but I don’t know what it’s going to be. I have been receiving tremendous amount of love from the fans and [as for Vietnam] I am disappointed and sad that I haven’t gotten a chance to visit but I surely look forward to visit all my fans there and I thank them for their love. From MBC Q: Are there any plans for you to work in the future with Hollywood? A: I don’t have anything specifically planned for the time being however I am preparing myself to be out there and to see everybody through Hollywood as well. I want to prepare myself a little bit more and I look forward to that. credit: ningin
I know he can make it to Hollywood!!
Dios!! que hermoso!!!
@ameliasantos....yes...sure...i am just waiting for that day to come when i will see him...........<3
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