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*Lee Min Ho said his favorite food in LA is steak. *If he was to do a romantic movie with a Hollywood actress… after five seconds or so of contemplating, he choose to skip the romance and girls and choose to act with the actor he admires and respects: Leonardo Dicaprio to film with. *Since he was also filming for the drama Faith at this time, since the drama required him to have long hair, he said he used many bobby pins to clip his hair back for the CF shootings. After the interview was over, he stepped outside, for literally a minute or less, to take photos next to the Toyota Camry’s before proceeding to greet fans that were waiting inside the venue. Luckily the fans were being entertained with an MC opening, movie screening and highlights of the Toyota Camry campaign while the press interview took place.
And Illinois pls......
wow awesome...please come to DC next time!