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DIY superhero shoes

I am geeking out hard over these shoes — how absolutely awesome are they?! I am such a big Marvel fan and I can't wait to try this DIY tutorial for myself. The good part about this DIY project is that it is fairly easy, but the result makes it look like it was very difficult! This DIY tutorial comes from the wonderfully creative people at Comic Con Family.


For this project, you will need:
-- A pair of white canvas shoes
-- 2 packs of Avengers (or any other superhero) napkins (you can usually find these at Wal-mart in the party section, at Party City or online)
-- Painter's tape
-- Mod Podge (matte) (if you want the shoes to be water resistant, get Outdoor Mod Podge)
-- Small paintbrush
-- 2 bowls or cups
-- X-acto knife
-- Clear plastic wrap or plastic bags
-- Sponge brushes
-- Clear sealant spray (optional)
You can find the majority of these items at a craft store.

Protect the soles of the shoes

Use the painter's tape to completely cover the soles of the shoes. The Mod Podge doesn't work as well on rubber so you want to make sure only the canvas fabric of the shoes is exposed.

Pick out your superhero

Unfold the superhero napkins all the way. Pick out the superhero that you want to put on the shoe and use the small paintbrush to paint a thin line of water around that super here. Then, slowly pull the napkin piece away from the rest of the napkin.

Paint on the Mod Podge

Use the sponge brush and the Mod Podge to paint on the shoe where you want to put the napkin piece. Then, place the napkin piece on the shoe. Take a piece of plastic wrap and wad it up and rub it over the napkin piece to remove any wrinkles or air bubbles.

Continue adding napkin pieces to the entire shoe

Repeat the previous steps to cover the entire shoe with piece of the superhero napkin. Make sure the entire canvas part of the shoe is covered. Let the Mod Podge dry completely.

Clean up the shoe and seal the napkins

Use the X-acto knife to cut around the sole of the shoe and then remove the painter's tape. Make sure to take your time while cutting the napkins off so that you get a clean line. You will also need to use the X-acto knife to remove the napkin pieces from around the shoelace eyelets. Then, if you want, spray a layer of clean sealant spray over the entire shoe to seal the art. String the shoelaces back through the eyelets.

Rock your awesome superhero-themed shoes!

What other superhero-themed items would you like to see? I will try to find some projects so that you can make them easily!
For more DIY fashion projects, check out the "DIY fashion" collection and for more DIY projects for accessories, check out the "DIY accessories" collection!
I'm making all kinds of shoes now
@nobankai oooh take pics if you do :D
genius. just genius!
This...Is....AWESOME!! Soo gonna try this! !
So cute!
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الخبرة بين السحرة المحترفين | دراسة مقابلة كان الغرض من هذا التحقيق هو تحليل المقابلات مع ساحر ذو خبرة عالية. تم استخدام تحليل الشبكة الاجتماعية لتحديد السحرة. تم فحص وظائف المشاركين المختارين في ساحر متمرس وجوانب مختلفة من سلوكهم المهني من خلال الاعتماد على المقابلات شبه المنظمة. على الرغم من أن السحر له بعض القواسم المشتركة مع فنون الأداء الأخرى ، إلا أنه يعتمد بشكل كبير على المعرفة السرية والكفاءة ، والتي يتم نشرها داخل شبكة من السحرة ذوي الخبرة. شيخ روحاني مغربي حر ذي خبرة شيخ نزيه في جلب الحبيب روى شيخ روحي قصتي وساعدني في عملية جلب حبيبي الذي كان متمرسًا وصادقًا وجديرًا بالثقة. عانت عائلتنا من الكثير من المشاكل بعد العيش معًا لمدة سبع سنوات. وقد نتج عن هذه المشاكل الطلاق بدون سبب. عندما طُردت من العمل ، بدأت أفكر ، يا إلهي ، كم هذا غير عادل قال طبيبي إنني بحاجة إلى زيارة طبيب نفسي ، لكنني لم أر طبيبًا نفسيًا ؛ لم يساعدني الطبيب. على الرغم من بعض الراحة من أعراض صدمة الطلاق ، إلا أنه أعطاني حبوب مهدئة فقط. كان زوجي يستحق أن يكون معي هناك طريقة وعزم على القيام بذلك. قال لي الشيخ المغربي إنني أمتلك السحر بعد شهور من الصلاة. الطلاق والانفصال باسرع وقت ممكن. نجح سحر التشتيت ، فأسأل الله أن يعوذ. على الرغم من بحثي المستمر عن مشايخ وسحرة روحيين ، فإن كل ما أجده هم شيوخ لن تسمع منه مرة أخرى ويريد المال. بعد طلاقي ، قمت بالبحث ، وقد مر ما يقرب من عام منذ أن طلقت وفي تبادل مع صديق من الكويت ، ورد ذكر الحسن وهو شيخ مغربي من المغرب أخبرتني المرأة أنها تعاملت مع ابن الطيب. بعد أن أعطتني صديقي رقمها ، اتصلت به على الفور لأنني شعرت بالأمل. عندما حاولت الاتصال بالشيخ روحاني على الواتساب أغلق الحساب ولم يرد. في غضون ساعتين ، راسلته عبر البريد الإلكتروني. ثم سألني من معي فأجبته وشرحت له رحلتي. رد علي بكل ذوق واحترام. قال لي: "إن شاء الله خير" من البداية إلى النهاية. بعد تزويده بالمعلومات التي يحتاجها وإخباره بالمشكلة ، اتفقنا على كل شيء. كتاب الشيخ الروحي المغربي الحر ووجهته نحو أتباعه.
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Painting might seem an easy task to do with its definition being so simple, but there's poetry in every stroke of color and a story behind each picture that an artist or painter wants to portray. Painting has been a method of displaying art for a long period and there have been different techniques to do so. There are a variety of painting procedures and each of them is beautiful and unique on its own. A beginner needs great dedication and patience to pursue the journey of being an artist and to learn any painting technique completely. We have previously covered some of the painting techniques in our first blog about the same. Here we present other styles of painting that are currently popular that one can try and get along with. Watercolor Painting Watercolor painting is as common as oil and acrylic painting. This is a well-known technique in which the colors are mixed with water to create the art. The paper sheets are used to create watercolor art most of the time. Watercolors, on the other hand, can be used to create art on bark paper, soap sheets, wooden blocks, and papyrus. Even finger paintings with watercolors are done in many parts of the world, such as China. Pencil Sketches I am one of those people who are fond of watching pencil sketches. The depth and details can just blow away your mind. It takes effort to understand the tones and grades for each piece and part of the art. These are made from graphite materials. Pencils are most often used because of their simplicity and versatility. Graphite can be smudged like kohl and thus can enhance the beauty of anything depicted on paper; it simply brings your thoughts to life. Glass Paintings Ever visited monuments and wondered about the beauty of glass paintings? The Greek and Roman cultures have portrayed some delightful art through glass paintings. The multicolor display of images and thoughts is amazing and gets even more personified when the light passes through the medium. It simply illuminates the locations. You can find them at old monuments and churches as well. They are inspired by the concept of stained glass painting. Collage Painting It is a very beautiful form of art. It is formed by assembling various creative pieces to form a visual effect of an image. A collage can be made from a variety of materials, including paper scraps, ribbons, magazines, newspapers, paint colors, and so on. is the accumulation of different pieces of art brought together to represent a single entity. It can have various themes and requires less budget yet comes out as an astonishing piece of art. Spray Painting. These are made out of aerosol painting sprays and are specially used on walls. They are magnificent; the colored area is kept open, while the other area is closed to keep the color from spreading all around them. These are the other painting techniques that exist and are trending today. Visit sites like Shopify to buy your painting essentials.
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