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song seung hun.. sexy as always
http://www.allkpop.com/2013/03/song-seung-hun-shows-off-his-perfectly-chiseled-abs.. what can i say, he is really a hunk... @cheerfulcallie... this is for you...lol
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hahahha... yeah, just another inch or two ... and we're good... but honestly, he's really sexy and look at his face... so cute!!
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thats why i love you sis b/c you're a perv like me, hahahahah!!!!
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Ahahahahahahahaha! Damn, I didn't realize this party had gotten so hot and heavy. Well, it's his fault, he's totally doing that on purpose.
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@callie... shhhhhh.. that's just our secret...lol... @charleen... you think so? hahah...i guess, he really know how to make girls go gaga for him, specially with this kinda picture... but love his face here... it's like he knows he's doing something naughty...hahahah
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