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Okay @AimeeH - So it's kind of long but I couldn't help myself. I had fun with this. Enjoy ^_^ So Seungri had met randomly at a cafe. The waitress had mixed up our orders. This wasn't the first time it had happened. So I went up to complain and so had Seungri. We made small talk after we complained to the manager. Seungri was fun to talk to and soon we were texting and just hanging out. We became fast friends that began to grow each time we talked.
I didn't realize it but Seungri had developed a crush on me and I him. Neither of us spoke about it because we didn't want to ruin our friendship. The only one who I told was Taeyang. He figured it out rather quickly but promised to keep it to himself.
Valentines was nearing and I had been getting cute little messages from a Secret Admirer. I received a little bear that I had hang off my phone. I spoke often of this to Seungri because as sweet as this was I was getting scared. He assured me that it was nothing to be scared of and I should feel flattered.
Top and the rest of BigBang knew of Seungri being a secret admirer. However they where growing tired of waiting for Seungri to make a move and decided that there maknae needed some help. So, he Top asked me out. I was surprised and tried to decline but Top wouldn't take no for an answer. He took us to a nice restaurant and surprisingly I had fun. However it ended there that night as top gave me a goodnight kiss on the cheek.
Big Bang plan worked. Seungri wanted me all to himself. So he asked me to go on a weekend cruise with him. I always had trouble telling Seungri no so I packed my bags for the trip. On the trip Seungri confessed everything. He had a crush on me since we met and he was the secret admirer. I was relieved and happy. He felt the same way I had all this time. We kissed and one thing led to another. As much as Seungri and I wanted to be together we soon discovered we were better off as friends. Sometime after that I found out I was pregnant. I broke down sobbing because I was not ready for this. I hadn't even realized I had called Seungri until he was beside me calming me down. He promised to be there every step of the way. And he was. We ended up having twins. A little boy and girl. Seungri did as promised and provided everything for us. He bought us a house near his and anything I needed or wanted he made sure I had. We shared custody of the kids once they got older.
A year after the kids where born Top approached me and confessed that ever since our date he had developed feelings for me. I was shocked but told him we could try and see where things went. Just to not tell anyone. He agreed and soon he became my Boyfriend. Taeyang seemed to be the only one not okay with this. He always became distant when Top and I where around.
What no one expected was for Daesung to be jealous. Top and I were stealing kisses before he went to record his part. While he was recording Daesung asked me to help him get drinks for everyone. We went to a local store not far from the building. I noticed something seemed off with Daesung though. He wasn't acting himself. I finally confronted him and demanded he tell me what was going on. I had grown rather close to the Big Bang members. They where all uncles to my and Seungri children. We had just stepped off the elevator when he pinned me against the wall. He began saying how Top didn't deserve me and I should be with him. He had always loved me. Needless to say I was shocked. He leaned in to kiss me but I shoved him away in time. Taeyang came out and saw me push Daesung and quickly rushed over. He placed a hand on Daesung shoulder to hold him back. As calmly as I could I rejected Daesung. Taeyang came between us when Daesung tried to get closer. He stormed off needing time to cool down. Taeyang made sure I was okay and promised not to say anything to Top, per my request. However if it happened again I had to say something which I agreed to. He also made me promise to tell him anything that was bothering me.
A few days later G-Dragon asked me to come in and listen to a song. I was always eager to hear his new songs. I brought the kids along so they could play with Seungri and there uncles. I made it clear from day one who was and who was not to be watching my kids. I walked into the recording studio and gave GD a hug before telling him to play the song. He and Taeyang wrote it but it was mainly Taeyang singing. I loved it and found I couldn't get it out of my head. I smiled as I walked down the halls. It was quicker to take the stairs so we did. It was there that I found Top making out with a girl. I slapped him and broke up with him. He begged for a second chance but I refused. Taeyang found me crying in an empty room. He didn't leave my side until I was okay.
After everything that happened I had given up on dating for a while. I focused on my kids and making sure they got family time with just me and Seungri. I loved Seungri with everything I had but the romantic feelings just weren't there. We worked well together and always tried to stay United when it came to discipline and how much we should spoil the kids. However we both spoiled them horribly but not to the point of brattiness. Taeyang was around a lot those days making sure I was okay and playing with the kids. We often took them to the park and just chatted. It was a year later that Taeyang had come over for dinner. It was storming pretty bad. Knowing I was scared of storms he stayed. "Just until it calms down" he told me. We got to talking and before I knew it he was confessing. All he asked was for one date. I agreed and that date turned into so many more. It was our one year anniversary that he popped the question. I said yes without hesitation and within months we were married.
@Princess2328 I completely understand that! I really do too! Yes! I have a hard time making stories short sometimes too
@AimeeH - I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love to write stories and I tried to make it so this one was actually short. Which is hard to do sometimes.
Oh btw don't apologize for length, I enjoy reading stories! ^•^ I thoroughly enjoyed it!
That was soo cool. Thanks for sharing this
Thanks i had alot of fun with this. I'm so glad you posted this to begin with! And I know right! I was like wtf and lmao! I do love Seungri but my bias is actually G-Dragon & Daesung Oppa. I can't decide which. I honestly expected to get Seungri as my husband at the rate I was going but my phone had other plans for me apparently.
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