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hello, I'm looking to change a few things but I don't know where to begin, I love my body and I want to start dressing according to my frame. I have very broad shoulders and an hourglass shape.
You see, All the clothes I usually buy are either too baggy or I end up lookin like a girl. the photos up top are rough sketches of my specific frame, and when I do buy clothes that match my frame, they end up costing over 25 dollars and I have to end up buying them online. Being a 22 year old male with my specific frame is a little troubeling. My wife thinks I'm sexy and I think I'm sexy as well. and I want to show it. so, my questions are, where can I buy clothes that match my frame that are a reasonable price and in the Kansas, United Stares area(if possible) thanks for listening and your advice is needed.
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I understand where you're coming from. I'm 5'2 215 pounds. I look like a football player lol. But through my experience with shopping for clothes my advice to you is to try polo style shirts. They are really well fitting in the shoulders. As far as places try Burlington or Marshalls even tj max. Adam Levine has a clothing line than works well for me as well.