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Un plato demaciado Coreano

Este es uno de mis platos favoritos entre la comida Coreana. Este plato es tocino coreano, que se sirve con Kimchi, cebolla y tofu. El restaurante queda en la estación de Gireum (Línea # 4) salida 3. Aparte de ser famoso por el tocino, se volvió famoso por la decoración que usan periódicos de los 70. Cada porción vale 9,000W y la cantidad de la carne no te va a decepcionar, ni el sabor.
si pasamos el costo a dolares cuanto seria??
que rico se ve amiga!!!! podrias subir mas fotos de comida coreana?? :)
@arianachang se llama 오겹살 (o-gyup-sal)
como se llama este plato?
suena muy rico me gustaría probarlo
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Una cena muy Coreana
Hola chicos y chicas : ) Espero que hayan tenido un buen día! Aquí en Corea, hizo un poco de frío y un poco nublado. Hoy, por cena comimos un plato muy típico en Corea. Se podría decir que es asado, pero también es muy diferente al asado que nosotros conocemos. Se llama 삼겹살 (Sam-gyop-sal) lo cual es tocino coreano al carbón. Para darles una explicación de lo que ven en las fotos, en la primera foto pueden ver el tocino cocinándose en el fuego, con cebolla y Kimchi al lado. Kimchi, es uno de los acompanamientos más famosos de la cultura Coreana. También es muy famoso por ser bueno para la salud. Aunque el sabor es muy fuerte y picante, muchos se acostumbran al sabor y terminan siendo obsesionados como yo! jajaja Pero el Kimchi va muy bien con la carne. En la segunda foto y tercera foto son los platos que acompanan la carne. Lo que puedes ver es cebollas, Kimchi, Lechugas y cebolla china marinada en salsa picante. Cuando comes carne en Corea, es muy común comer la carne con los vegetales en la lechuga, jajaj ya siento que las confundí. Se llama 쌈밥 "Ssam-bap" que significa arroz cubierto. Los pasos son: 1. Agarras una lechuga 2. Le pones un poco de arroz 3. Le pones 1 o 2 pedazos de carne 4. Agregas el Kimchi y la cebolla china. 5. Lo cierras y te lo comes! Perdón que no hay una foto de ssam-bap, estaba tan emocionada que me lo tuve que comer de una. Espero que este post les haya ayudado/gustado! Qué tal les parece el "Sam-gyop-sal"?
Trash by the Numbers: Shocking US Garbage Statistics
We don't have to live with our garbage, which is one of the best things about the modern sanitation system. The drawback of the modern sanitation system is that it frees us from living around trash. In my rebellious youth, I used to (half-jokingly) argue that littering ought to be encouraged so that everyone could see how much garbage we produce—if we had to live with it, we'd indeed create less, right? However, because of our excellent sanitation, we can build an endless amount of garbage, which is then magically removed to make room for new litter. That's development! (I realize that maintaining good sanitation is necessary to combat disease and squalor, but you get my point.) We all know there's a lot of trash going on around here, I'm pretty sure of that. The figures, however, really drive the point home. To do that, SaveOnEnergy put together a report examining landfills and their statistics. 1 Here are a few sobering facts that had me thinking, "Wow, littering should be promoted!" (Actually, don't kill me in the comments; I promise.) In any case, look. The daily average amount of trash produced by each American is 4.4 pounds. It would be the height of the Leaning Tower of Pisa if packed in cubed feet. The annual trash production of Americans is 254 million tons. Every year, 22 billion plastic bottles are discarded. 12 feet: The height of a wall that could be constructed every year from office paper waste from Los Angeles to New York City. The number of trips around the equator that 300 disposable forks, spoons, and paper or plastic cups could make each year. There are more than 2,000 active landfills in the nation. The number of inactive landfills in the nation is in the thousands. The average amount of trash in Las Vegas landfills is 38.4 tons. The amount of landfill waste per person in Connecticut, North Dakota, and Idaho is 10 tons or less. United States trash statistics SaveOnEnergy $19: The price per ton Alabama charges to haul away waste from another state. The out-of-state waste that Ohio transports annually for $35 per ton is 3.4 million tons. The percentage of trash from outside Ohio that came from New York was 32%. The percentage of trash that Americans now recycle annually is 34.3 percent. In 2013, 87.2 million tons of material could have been disposed of, thanks to recycling and composting, up from 15 million tons in 1980. 39 million: The amount of automobiles required to remove the 186 million metric tons of carbon dioxide that recycling prevents from being released yearly. which is fantastic and which we ought to pursue more of according to Ola, CEO of Garbage Transport company in Norway! The report, Land of Waste: American Landfills and Waste Production, also includes some fascinating graphics and interactives, such as a map that allows you to view all the information for landfills close to your home and, my personal favorite, a time-lapse that charts the development of landfills in the nation over the past century.
“Hue beef noodle soup” — Vietnamese specialties leave a lot of impression in the hearts of visitors
Hue beef noodle soup is a delicious dish of Hue, which causes memory in the hearts of many Vietnamese people as well as international tourists. With a rich bowl of flavor and large noodles, boys, served with sliced beef sliced all to make Hue beef noodle soup made a strong impression on each customer. 1, The origin of Hue beef noodle soup This famous dish of Hue was born since the Nguyen Hoang Lord around the 16th century. It is said that in the past, there was an extremely beautiful girl who was good and good at making noodles. She lives in Van Cu village in Huong Tra commune, Thua Thien Hue. The girl created a very unique and new dish, which is to take Ninh Ninh beef into a broth and eat it with noodles. It is the birth of Hue beef noodle soup. This dish has been handed down for generations. So far, Vietnamese people know that Hue beef noodle soup has been improved and developed in the presence of many different ingredients such as decisive pork, pork rolls, crab rolls, beef of all kinds … and often eaten Comes with vegetables or raw vegetables. Hue beef noodle soup has become a specialty of this dreamy country with many differences compared to the beef noodle soup of other places. Anyone who comes to Hue must try this famous dish at least once. 2, What is the bowl of Hue beef noodle soup? So what is a bowl of Hue beef noodle soup? A standard bowl of Hue beef noodle soup will have enough vermicelli, beef, pork, crab rolls and rich broth. Bun fibers are made from rice flour mixed with filter flour according to the standard ratio to bring softness and moderate toughness. The main material indispensable is beef. The beef is carefully selected, is a delicious beef, usually the front calf, the meat encrusted with beef or bright red corn. Along with that, crab rolls are made from pureed bricks and crab meat to increase the flavor and bring natural fat. ống thép luồn dây điện imc The broth is simmered directly from the cow’s bone to bring a strong sweetness. In addition, the cook also adds a little fish sauce and lemongrass to make the broth with a strong aroma. In addition to bringing the beauty of the cuisine, Hue beef noodle soup also has colors to attract customers. Hue beef noodle soup stands out with a harmonious color combination, from the orange color of cashew oil to the brown color of beef, pig secretion, in addition to the typical price and green of herbs. All create a bowl of Hue beef noodle soup with full flavor and taste, captivating so many diners. 3, Is a bowl of Hue beef noodles expensive? Hue beef noodle soup is sold at the price range of 35 to 40 thousand VND depending on the shop. With the ingredients and very sophisticated ways, the price of such a bowl of noodles is very reasonable, maybe the price will be up to 50 thousand VND per bowl. Thank you for watching my article. You can see my other articles about Vietnamese cuisine in my profile, if you like, please watch and support me.