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now everybody got their flower, it's time to see who is your lover, RULES: I see that's some of you guys change your flowers picks. you cannot do that once you pick a flower that's the flower you have. EXAMPLE: I pick 5: I want to change it to 6. you cannot do that's. here your flowers boys!!
Flower #1
Flower #2
Flower #3
Flower #4
Flower #5
Flower #6
Flower #7
@AimeeH @@amandamuska here are the results!!
@Myaisnotsexy Neicy already threatened my life for him XD I'm so not ready to die before I get my degree XD
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I got jackson ^°^ yay!!!!!
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@AimeeH Haha oh no dude! Don't die, that wouldn't be good. But are you happy with who you got? Because that's all that matters. Well, I don't know why you wouldn't be happy, they are all amazing
2 years ago·Reply
yay I got Jackson that makes me happy
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