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This video when I watched it I was like this is why I watch anime it made me love it more. I must ask would you show this to a friend and say this is why I watch anime this is what it means to be an ANIME LOVER!
Speaking from experience, about 90 percent of people that aren't already fans are just going to view this as sensory overload. And it's not going to make them want to watch anime any more than they already did/didn't. You have the benefit of having background knowledge for the scenes on display, making it more emotionally charged. Getting someone into anime is difficult if they don't have much interest, but you're better off actually sitting them down to watch a good story heavy episode of an anime show similar to something they already like. One of their preferred genres, sci-fi, horror, drama, romance, comedy. And while yes many anime series have combinations of many different genres, starting simple is usually the way to go when introducing someone new.
@SeikoShinohara Same here! A bunch of the Anime I've seen paired with one of my fave songs from one of my fave bands! This video is just freakin spectacular!
OMG it's got a lot of animes I've watched and one of my favorite songs by linkin park
Im just trying to say Hey this what we watch and we love. This is what we like I mean im trying to show that this we will never give up
I want something that will test my physche like how FMA:BH did.