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It's sooooo annoying to hear people say they don't like anime even if they've never seen it! like give it a chance you would absolutely love it I'm sure. There are hundreds of anime out there and at least one of them can fit someone perfectly!
This seems to be almost every time I get into an anime lol. To me if I find a good or great anime well you won't hear from me again until its finished haha Like for Kenichi The Worlds Strongest Deciple. I honestly watched the entire thing within 2 days because it was so good same with HunterxHunter. If it has a great story line well I'm hooked xD.
People always say I'm watching a children's show when I watch anime. They say its the same thing everytime and I just stare and laugh at them xD anime to me was a way to just get away and enjoy myself. I couldn't stand school or the people in them so I surrounded myself with anime and well I was happily finally. If anyone in the future says I should stop watching anime welllll I'll just say no because its not just something I watch I actually get attached to the characters I watch. So yeah when people die I actually like I kinda cry lol. (Spoiler just in case you haven't seen Naruto Shippuden) like when itachi died and we realized that he did what he did because of the leaf and their fear of the uchihas I balled and when Naruto senpai died well I won't even go into that one xD and same with neji its always a emotional thing when someone in the anime I watch dies especially when its someone I like! But anyways how has everyone been? I hope you all who see this and read the far and even those who didn't read have had an amazing day!
I grew up watching anime, but find it so awkward to watch now, I prefer American animations I guess because I relate with their expressions more. In animes the characters grunt and moan over everything and overall have an Asian feel to them (obviously) but I just don't have an interest for it. with that being said, Full Metal Alchemist is the greatest anime ever, also the last one I enjoyed. after that I couldn't watch any other anime.
What people tend not to realize, is that anime has variety just like any other form of media. People dismiss anime entirely because they lump it all into one category of something they've already seen enough of and don't like. I don't automatically like anything anime, I have specific tastes just like with anything else. Not all anime is wild squeaky voiced crazy action, not all anime is monotone brooding dark characters topping one another for most fucked up. Not all are well acted and written dramas with style and substance... But some are.
I've tried watching anime once coz my bf is just so addicted to it but it was a total torture. It's just not my thing.
Lol the only anime show I can watch is initial d all the others is a no no