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All the photos are the characters I play. I did not draw the art, but I did commission other artists to draw them. My Characters in order of appearance: Kareena the Lioness Vampyre based off the House of Night series by P.C and Kristen Cast. Queen Skitz the Succubus Queen. Nightsky/star the clan cat. Based off of the warriors series by Erin Hunter. Usagi Moonhop the Rabbit. Pic 1 Starflower the feral spirit wolf. Hoshiakari the feral lioness cub. Based off of Lion King. Katye the eevee/flareon(can be feral) Firecrystal the alicorn. Based off of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Starflower the anthro spirit wolf. Kareena the vixen. I am open to applying my characters to just about any rp. I like apocalypse type rps, I am open to various adult rps, pirates (specifically Pirates of the Caribbean), pokemon, furry, sailor moon, doctor who, mlp, etc. Send me a message or comment if interested and we can discuss details. Oh also I prefer my partner to be at least Semi-literate and understand I am an adult and have other responsibilities.
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I am
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