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I found these two clips on YouTube and I am so thankful to the one who uploaded them! I get to watch all of Ji Soo's cute scenes without having to skim through the drama. I watched these two clips so many times already but I can't stop watching! Why must you be so cute! My little sister called me a cougar for liking Ji Soo so much. Hahaha. ^_^
Omg I watched Angry Mom and now Sassy Go Go...he needs to be a lead instead of second lead!!!
@poojas I know right! I really want to see more work from him. I'm so glad he's getting so much more attention now. I really really like him. lol..
@anonymousdork His acting is good too. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him in dramas and variety shows in the future haha. I'm hoping he ends up with Eunji in Sassy Go Go. XD
I'm seeing him so much now cause of Sassy Go Go and I can tell I am going to fall in love haha