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update on my "trip to korea with my best friend" fund.
I love you guys here on Vingle. yoire all so supportive. when I told My mom I was saving for k a trip to Korea, here is what she told me: me "so guess what I'm saving for." mom "what now" me "a trip to korea with Evelyn" (my best friend and fellow Korea and k-pop lover) mom "*laughs* good luck with that" me "let me guess you don't think I can?" mom "nope" me "why not" mom * gives me a look that says "really?"* me "well a know a plane ticket to Seoul and a passport is gonna be AT LEAST 1k" mom "plus a hotel and food..." me "I know! I don't plan on going till after I graduate." mom "okay. well see how long this lasts" me "mhm"
so far I have saved up $32.76 just in spare change. my strategy is, whenever I go out with my mom and she buys food or something, I ask for her change. so far it's worked pretty well!! how is everyone else doing? are you saving up for anything big? how do your loved ones feel? do they support you? let me know in a comment :) bye bye.
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I'm gonna save up too but I can only go after I graduate Collage which will be a long time
I want to go to Korea too! I'm still looking for a friend to go with though. It is also a good idea to do what you are doing.
Honestly spare change really adds up! My family has a coin jar where we just empty our pockets when we have too many coins and at the end of the year we go to a coin star and its usually over a hundred dollars!!!!
i saved 700€ ヽ( ゚∀゚ )ノ goal is getting closer *fangirl feels* Good luck with saving! ps: you should save some "pocket money" for all the stuff you want to buy
Good Luck! I only have $3 so far😂😂😂😧😧