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To be honest it is not a actual challange... It's just a question to bounce ideas and thoughts off of each other for the next two days. Nobody is right or wrong but when you use the word "challenge" people seem they are more drawn in. So let's the idea bouncing being! Dc and marvel communities will be tagged.. I might throw in video games because hell, there were games that had Superman in it.. lol ❄ @amobigbang @shannonl5 @butterflyblu @BeannachtOraibh @buddyesd @VinMcCarthy I'm bad with tagging with my phone.. So feel free to tag anyone and everyone join in!
the first thing i would do is wish i was batman
id fly to japan and demand attack on titan season 2..
I would fly to space, destroy some meteors and fly back to earth...basically I would just fly, flying is awesome! :)
fly or x ray vision
I think I would dominate world governments and rule the planet as a god-king
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