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so I thought it was time that I added a little personal touch to my page. in real life when I'm not searching for new a AMV for new anime shows to watch, I am a Flight Attendant.
if only I could fly in this everyday! waking up at 5am would be worth it.
and if i could just fly for fun all the time that would be an amazing life!!
so anyway, like the title says the soundtracks of shows really helped me become a flight attendant. now I'm sure you're wondering how? well believe it or not when you become a flight attendant if not all about serving drinks and looking great in your uniform.
you literally spend between 4 and 6 weeks or longer learning about emergency situations and rules and regulations. you learn how to pour a drink without spilling it on a passenger is when you take your first flight.
you have to read manuals, take tests, do drills, it's not a walk in the park. and did I mention that if you don't pass the test they send you home. so just because you're invited to training doesn't mean you're guaranteed a job. so normally I've never had to study for anything in my life, once I'm taught how to do something I am able to get it basically right away and can be tested and I test well. but this was a whole different ballgame, I was having the most trouble grasping all of the concepts even though I studied I wasn't retaining any of the information. I used both of my two retakes on the first test. and we only got 2 retakes for the entire six week testing period. so I had to find a way to pass this next test or I was going HOME. so one night I was studying for the next test with headphones in playing a playlist filled with nothing but anime soundtracks. when I took the test the next day I found that humming along to the songs I was listening the night before triggered my memory and to the answers for the test. I found my answers
so for the next 6 weeks all I did was listen to anime soundtracks and study and believe it or not I graduated in the top five of my class. anime soundtracks capture my attention because I listen to them and their original format the same way when I watch anime (with subtitles) I found that I focused more because my mind was so used to focusing on the Japanese language that I was focusing on all of my notes as if I was watching an anime show.
people always say that we waste time watching anime that it's stuff for kids, but it's not it helped me make a major life change. so thank you to the amazing creators and singers, songwriters, and everyone else who has anything to do with anime soundtracks that helped me become a flight attendant. I'll see you all on one of my flights one day.
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