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4.) Wendy Marvell 💨
Wendy is the 4th strongest wizard in Fairy Tail. Wendy is amazing Sky Dragon Slayer who was taught by The Sky Dragon Grandinna. First being a guild member from Caitt Shelter she meet the Fairies on a job to beat the Oracion Seis. After the job Wendy finds out that her Guild was really nothing but dead projections of the people who lived there before thus leaving Wendy and her kitty Carla alone with no guild to claim. Fairy Tail of course took her in and made her a part the awesome family at Fairy Tail.
Wendy also uses healing and support that Grandina also taught her. Wendy has many attacks such as her, Sky Dragon Roar, Sky Dragon Wing Attack, Sky Dragon Claw, Shattering Light, and Re-raise. For healing and support she has, Milky Way, and Troia. Wendy is a cute liite sweetheart but when it comes to defending Fairy Tail she will do anything to give it her all.
In the Tartaros Arc. Wendy and Carla set off to go and find the weapon called FACE and destroy it before it takes away all of the worlds magic. When Wendy and Carla arrive they find themselves with one of the Nine Demon Gates of Tartaros named Ezel.Ezel in the beginning of the fight was winning and had Wendy pinned down to the floor and was about to eat Carla until Carla tells Wendy about the Air around FACE. An extreme amount of Oxygen was being formed a found FACE and Wendy sucked it into her body and became the DragonForce Wndey fighting so strong and hitting Ezel so powerfully using her new DragonForce she was able to save Carla and defeat Ezel. She physically took down FACE but it was still activated. Carla having information on how to completely destroy FACE knew how to do it but knew that Wendy and her wouldn't be able to get out on time. Carla and Wendy began to cry and promise each other that after they died that they would still become friends in another life. FACE was destroyed thanks to Wendy and Carla and thanks to Doranbolt Wendy and Carla are still alive because just before it destroyed he took them out of there and brought them to safety. Wendy is now stronger and more determined to destroy FACE and Tartaros.