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So I was just curious to know how long people known about this app before me. I have created 3 categories: Veterans, Regulars, and Rookies. Comment what category you fit in!!

Veteran: Big Bang, Girls Generation, and Exo

You have been here for a long time. You know everything about this app. You're an expert on making cards and is capable of helping anyone who has a problem!!

Regulars: Uniq, BTS, and Red Velvet

You are familiar with the app but still have stuff to learn You still need to get a little comfortable with the app You know enough about cards to make them lol

Rookies: IKON, UP10tion, and TWICE

You are new to this app and is looking forward to making new friends and learning new things from fellow Kpoppers who share the same interest as you You're hoping to become big and be noticed by alot of people

What Category Do You Think You Belong In?

Regular Rookie
I´m deff a Rookie. But I hope and strive to become big someday. I love my vingle kpop family.<3
I'm a regular veteran. I haven't been on here for very long, but I'm pretty comfortable! ^^
I'm regular , I like and clip more cards than make them lol
few still a rookie. But i find myself on it every day.
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